Thanks to our efficient and modern CNCs we can offer a wide variety of services:turning, drilling, threading and milling. Following our customers’ designs we can work on components from rod sections and melting, in small or big batches using ferrous metals, stainless steel, cast iron and light alloys like brass, bronze, copper and aluminium. We are supported by a group of trusted and valued suppliers, which allows us to offer superficial treatments when requested.

When requested, customers can also have their components accurately demurred.



Aluminium components brake pumps, alloy wheels. 

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Oil & Gas

Steel components for ball valves and “seats”. 

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Aluminium components for lifts, hoists, bathroom fixtures.

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Solar photovoltaic

Aluminium components, printed circuit boards, rotary joints.

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For this industry, we produce technological components used for science and research.

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We’ve partnered with top industries in this sector and produced top-quality components.  

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