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What kind of metalworking do you usually do?

Omer has always specialized in precision machining for different industries and sectors and has developed an extensive experience in turning, milling, drilling-threading.

How much time does it usually take you to create a new product?

Production times differ according to the projects and the components. Every time we receive a design, we make sure to have or to get hold of the right machinery and tools, so that we are ready to go on with the production as soon as the material is delivered. We’ve built an extensive net of trusted partners and a well-trained staff of employees, so that production times are as short as possibile.

Which materials do you usually work with?

Thanks to our machines we can work on many different materials: aluminium cast, iron, steel, cast iron, bronze and brass.

What is the maximum size that you can work on?

Our machinery is advanced and with our CNC we can work up to 500 mm diameters, while the 3-axis CNC machines can take up to a 1000x500 mm size

Do you produce samples?

Yes, when requested we can produce samples or small batches of goods. We only need technical designs in dwg, dxf and/or pdf format, so that our technical department can analyze them and see what can be done.

How does your production process works?

Once we receive and analyze the technical drawings, we move on to the CNC’s programs and dimensions controls. Then we try to produce the first piece, which is then checked by our quality control department and if it is up to our standards and the to the customer’s needs and requests. To do so, we use both manual and automated control quality machines, as well as the 3d machines in our metrology lab.

Which is your approach when you are asked to do new products or workings?

A new workings means a new challenge and in our opinion they give the chance to improve: more knowledge, more competence and new skills for our staff. We believe in the concept of lifelong learning and we give our employees the chance to always learn new things through externships and to challenge themselves.

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