OMER srl was founded in the Sixties by the Scalvini family and its specialized in precision machining. In the early Eighties Omer has started to specialize in the production of alloy wheels, becoming a leader in this sector, with forty young and dynamic employees. Our machines can count on 15 CNC lathe machines and 15 CNC, making turning, milling, drilling or threading an easy and precise operation. As a result the growth of this business is steady, also thanks to the making of a strong stock at our customers’ needs and the continuous search for improvements in technology and overall image/perception.

Our work process is scientifically organized: a preliminary scheduling is at the very basis of OMER srl. Every aspect, starting from production, must be carefully controlled and planned ahead in order to get the best results and avoid delays or problems. From the point of view of production, trusted suppliers work with us following our just-in-time policy, ensuring the highest quality of every product that leaves our headquarters. Here at Omer srl we strongly believe the each aspect of the market and every single customer must be followed and given tailor-made solutions. Flexibility is the key for our success and one of our most valued merit, we adapt to our customers’ needs and requests and this has always been a cause for pride.

For these reasons, OMER srl is known as an innovative reality. The firm is certified with a UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 quality system certification, with a technologically advanced quality control department, a metrology and testing lab with two MDM CATRIM 3d measuring machines. that work in unison with the usual, more common, tools, to deliver the best product possibile. For more than 20 years the administrative and production headquarters have bene in Gussago, in Brescia. The production area extends on a 2000 sm covered area, 300 sm of which are occupied by our offices, and an additional 2000 sq of open air area.





Omer srl was created in 1960 by the Scalvini family in Brescia, in a small warehouse in via Ferrini. It was a time in which the economy was booming and flourishing and Romano Scalvini had the brilliant idea of creating his own production: contract manufacturers, specialized in precision machining. The materials are alluminium, cast iron, steel, iron and bronze casting.


Alloy wheels, our trademark production

To answer an ever growing demand, the eighties saw the beginning of alloy wheels manufacture. Cooperating with the best and most famous companies in this area, Omer has been improving its production, also form the technological point of view, in order to guarantee the best product possibile for the OE and after market


New horizons

With the growing demand for photovoltaic systems, the company has decided to walk down this new road, supporting its partners. The results are once again outstanding, also thanks to new collaborations from firms in other industries like automotive, oil & gas, hydraulic, construction and hi-tech.